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Okay, announcement time. I wasn't very productive on the comic front this week due to another project. That said, I'll only be able to post one page a week for a while. I'll be sloooowly making my way through more of chapter 4, and hopefully the one-a-week schedule will help me in my game of catch-up. Expect pages on Wednesdays.

Man, and I really need to catch up on my comic-reading, too.

There is also another thing I wanted to mention. I asked this last week, too, but Ti brought up some good points and I wanted to clarify.

First off, fellow Smackjeevers: when checking on the comic, do you only come in through your favorites page, or do you stop by at the home page, too? I'm curious since I might have to make announcements here that wouldn't necessarily warrant a "filler" page, and when I (eventually) redesign this place, I want things to be accessible for everyone.

Second, and this is a question for Smackjeeves and non-Smackjeeves readers: would you like to see the latest page on the home page? Thoughts and suggestions are more than welcome.


posted by bearhea @ March 20th, 2009, 6:22 pm   0 Comments