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The good, the bad and the downright shady. You can click on the profile pictures to see another picture of the character. Keep checking back for updates and additional information!

Main and Supporting Characters

Fanuel Liam Liam
Age: 17
Occupation: Guardian Angel (so he claims)
Fun Fact: He really likes butterflies
Liam is impossibly shy and fidgety. He is found wandering alone along a desert road.
First Appearance: Chapter 1, Page 1
Milo Warren Milo Warren
Age: 20
Occupation: delivery guy, the Wayfarer
Fun Fact: Is ambidextrous
If you were to sum Milo up in one word, it would probably be "dork." He finds Liam wandering in the desert and brings him back to Little Guffin.
First Appearance: Chapter 1, Page 3
Raye Laramie Raye Laramie
Age: 19
Occupation: mechanic
Fun Fact: Despises bugs. Especially arachnids.
Raye is Milo's best friend. She has quite the temper when annoyed (which is often when Milo's around). She works at Rick's, Little Guffin's service station.
First Appearance: Chapter 2, Page 3
Vincent James Montgomery Vincent James Montgomery
Age: 27
Occupation: book seller (owns Bag Ende Books), the Ferryman
Fun Fact: Uses reading glasses.
A scholarly type, Vince spends a lot of time indoors reading and tending to his bookstore. He often acts as the voice of reason and seems to have godly amounts of patience.
First Appearance: Chapter 2, Page 21
Elijah Ryder Elijah Ryder
Age: 22
Occupation: sculptor, the Gatekeeper
Fun Fact: Is independently wealthy but prefers the lifestyle of a starving artist.
Elijah is a moody metal sculptor who lives by himself in a sort of watchtower just outside the Necropolis. Though usually grumpy, he still lets his sense of humor show through.
First Appearance: Chapter 3, Page 1

Background Characters

Lolita Sanchez Lolita Sanchez
Age: 16
Occupation: Student, waitress
Fun Fact: Has never spit in a customer's food. Except for that one time.
First Appearance: Chapter 2, Page 10
Artie Swift Arthur "Artie" Swift
Age: 19
Occupation: Waiter
Fun Fact: Couldn't properly tie a tie to save his life
First Appearance: Chapter 2, Page 9
Mrs. Sanchez Tallulah Sanchez
Age: 43
Occupation: Cook, co-owner of Sanchez's
Fun Fact: Had a book published once
First Appearance: Chapter 2, Page 12