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» About

the story

Liam is a young man who claims to be a guardian angel. Milo is one of the Psychopomps, chosen to guard the Necropolis. THEY FIGHT CRIME! Milo finds Liam wandering in the desert and is surprised by the request to visit the city of the dead. When they step inside, however, some potentially dangerous things are set in motion.

the world

Welcome to the world of Gaeds. To be honest, there probably won't be any interesting info in this section for a while. When there is, be assured that you'll hear about it.

the author

Beth is a college student on the verge of graduation and entrance into the mysterious World of Adulthood. She is majoring in creative writing, and has learned that saying just "English" leads people to believe that she wants to be a teacher, which is not the case. When she was in first grade, she totally wanted to be a ballerina, but that's beside the point. She dabbles a bit in art and stuff.

The life and times of Beth are recorded here. Have questions? Want to say hello? Send a holler to abaddoncomic[at]gmail[dot]com